Multiple cubic zirconia shapes offer you choose

Multiple shapes offer you choose

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Cubic zirconia Manufacturer & Gemstone Manufacturer

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cubic zirconia ManufacturerPengDa jewelry is one of the largest cubic zirconia manufacturer of synthetic gemstone in Wuzhou , Guangxi,China. We have a general investment of 1 million .

We specialized in manufacturing Synthetic cubic zirconia,synthetic spinel ,synthetic corundum ,nano gemstone and glass in various shapes,sizes and colors.

Monthly average production is 10 million pc .All of our product are lead free, Cadmium free, Phthalates content meet CPSIA standard


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Orders to reach a certain amount, you can enjoy free shipping !!!

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We are from the gems of the raw material to the final finished product, are from our own supervision and processing to ensure the quality and price, 100% first hand resources, to ensure that we can always provide the most competitive price

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Our customer-specific solutions are tailored to fit your exact business needs.

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The goods and orders are not the same, can be free to exchange goods.

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We are a cubic zirconia manufacturer, the company was founded 10 years, there are 10 countries in the world are working with us, and there are at least 20 customers more than 5 years of cooperation, it is because we have a long-term stability of quality and competitive price to make our customers and our long-term cooperation, our purpose is to put the interests of customers in the first place, only the customer to earn more money we can better development!.

As cubic zirconia manufacturers, our products are zircon, spinel, corundum, nano, and glass, we offer different shapes and sizes round, pear, Oval, square, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc., PengDa Jewelry of cubic zirconia manufacturers welcome your advice.

If you have any question,please have no hesitation to contact me.

We answer your questions 7×24 hours


15 Production process & 9 Inspection processes & 5 experienced QC double check