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  • Moissanite

    Are you looking for cost-effective alternatives to replace beautiful natural stone?

    Our Moissanite gemstones use the best materials and the most skilled processing techniques, with strong color and clarity, and are an important addition to your jewelry design or wholesale inventory.

  • Cubic Zirconia

    Are you looking for an economical substitute for the costly diamond?

    Brilliant, flawless, accurate & indistinguishable from the diamond— these are our cubic zirconia gemstones.

    Being one of the most popular gemstones among consumers, it’s a must-have for your inventory.

  • Nano

    With unique physical & optical properties, nano gemstone offers more possibilities for jewelry design & processing.

    No matter you’re sourcing for your wholesale or jewelry making business, it’s a great addition to your inventory.

    From the most basic to the fanciest colors & shapes, we’ll get you covered!

  • Spinel

    If you’re searching for an affordable gemstone that adds vivid color to your jewelry design, then search no further!

    Our lab created spinel gemstones are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and cuts for different designs & purposes.

    Stock up on this stone to remain competitive in the market!

Why Our Loose Gemstones For Your Business?

All our gemstones show uniform, vibrant & unfading colors since they are made from the finest materials.

And endless white and colored options are available to meet your various needs.

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Brilliance, the degree of brightness, is what decides the attractiveness of your gemstone.

Combining the most transparent materials with excellent skills, we make sure each facet of the gemstone is well cut and polished, bringing out the most of the brilliance.

If you can imagine it, we can shape it.

At PengDa Jewelry, we offer a variety of gemstone cuts including round cut, Asscher cut, baguette cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, heart cut, marquise cut and more!

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Let us know if you're on a tight schedule.

Carrying a huge inventory of stones in a broad selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, we can deliver stock styles in 1 to 2 days, and no more than 5 days depending on the quantity.

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With 10+ years of experience & extensive knowledge, and working with a handful of reliable manufacturers, we can help you source all types gemstones at the most affordable prices while controlling the quality.

If you need wholesale gemstones to make your business more profitable, don't hesitate to contact us.

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