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Quality Synthetic Spinel Gems For Your Jewelry Making Business

With clear & vibrant colors, our lab created spinel gems are economical alternatives to many costly precious gemstones in jewelry & birthstone designs.

PengDa Jewelry, an experienced gemstone wholesale supplier, has been helping jewelry manufacturers & wholesalers source high-quality and cost-effective synthetic spinel gems with our professional knowledge.

Our selection of spinels comes in a variety of colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes, giving you many choices to create unique jewelry and meet the diverse needs of your customers.


Our spinels are available in a wide spectrum of colors. Can’t find the one you want in our normal color collections? Or want to customize the unique color for your design? Contact us for more colors!

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We have hundreds of spinels in popular colors, shapes & sizes. They are available at competitive wholesale prices, and can be delivered in as fast as 1-2 days. If you’re on a tight schedule, just talk with us.

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Why Choose Our Spinel Gemstone?

cubic zirconia
· Vibrant Color

Processed with the best part of the raw materials, our lab created spinels are the exact copies of their natural counterparts, showing vivid, vibrant & clear colors.

· Cut For Brilliance

Our spinel gems are cut with proper shapes & facets, and well polished to bring out their best brilliance for the most attractive look.

· Accurate Dimensions

Every gemstone piece has undergone a meticulous size inspection, checking dimensions, from crown diameter to pavilion height, to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your use.

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