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Professional Consultation
& Guidance

When you come to us with a brilliant idea, we‘ll come up with advice that makes your gemstone more brilliant.

At the beginning of your project, our knowledgable team will listen carefully to your needs for the gemstone design, color, shape & size.

Then we'll give you professional guidance on the best possible raw materials & cutting methods to choose from, making the gemstone match with both your budget requirements and your brand positioning.

gemstone packing

Rapid & Free Sampling

We know the brilliance of gemstone can only truly be seen by yourself.

That's why we offer our clients free samples before mass production. Our wide stock of popular gemstones allows us to send you samples in 1 day at the soonest.

Even when what you need is not in stock, we can help you develop a prototype making use of our extensive network of suppliers.

gemstone assortment

Gemstone Assortment
& Inspection

At PengDa Jewelry, a lot of effort is taken into the assortment & inspection to ensure all gemstones you receive are of consistent top quality.

With a team of skillful and highly efficient specialists, we're dedicated to offering our clients the best assortment of stones in terms of quality, color, shape, and size.

Savvy Sourcing

Located in the hub of gemstones in China, PengDa Jewelry has quick access to all types of gemstones.

Over 10 years of experience in the gemstone industry has helped us established a rich supplier network. We've been partnering closely with 30+ gemstone factories equipped with state-of-the-art machines & skilful cutters.

No matter what type of gemstone you're searching for, we can help you source it, and process to your specific requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require our sourcing service.

Return & Exchange

Quality issue are normally not a concern with us since we carefully inspect each gemstone before delivery.

If there are still defective products caused by our side (which is rare), we can exchange those gemstones for free upon friendly negotiation.

Responsive Service

Doing business with us is efficient since, at PengDa Jewelry, we highly value the time of our clients.

Whether it's an inquiry, question or after-sales problem, we promise to respond to you within 12 hours, not only during business days but any days.

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